About Us



Since 2016, Mr. Anthony Alexis has been working on behalf of seniors and active adults in Brooklyn. Prior to his work with seniors, Mr. Alexis worked as a youth coordinator.  Subsequently, Mr. Alexis began working for the New York State Assembly in 1997 and later the New York City Council where he acquired extensive governmental experience.  Mr. Alexis developed an interest in government at Brooklyn College where his was active in student government and lobbied the state legislature against budget cuts to the City University of New York.  



In addition to Mr. Alexis work experience; he is a member of the Brooklyn College Alumni Board where he earned his undergraduate degree.  Mr. Alexis is currently enrolled in a Masters program at Long Island University Brooklyn.   

Mr. Alexis believes in local civics involvement and community service, as he has volunteered for many community organizations, including a board member of the Flatbush YMCA.  Mr. Alexis was also a former president of the 42nd Assembly Community Democratic Club and the Brooklyn Young Democrats, a group he was a Co-Founder, with a mission to motivate and encourage young people to participate in the political process.